[V8Vairs] New Product - Steering Wheel Quick-Release (ADV)

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Wed, 28 Apr 2004 03:13:20 EDT

New Product announcement

Todaybs Item: New Quick-Release Steering Wheel Hub kits for the Corvair.

This unit is recommended for racing use only.  It allows the removal of the
steering wheel for entry and exit to the car. It is a entirely a bolt-on kit!

The 1964-1966 Corvair steering column, except for the Telescoping column,
optional on the 65-66 models, uses a small spline for the steering wheel hub
mounting. It is not common to any other GM car. For the last few years, there
been only one source for adapter kits for street driven Corvairs to add
aftermarket steering wheels to their cars.

Many Corvair racers have asked me to supply a new, racing oriented adapter
for racing Corvairs. In the last decade, the racing seats used by all racers
have changed in design. For safety and comfort reasons, the seats have become
more enveloping, wrapping around the drivers shoulder and hip/thigh areas.
this provides a safer environment for the driver, and even allows better
support for the driver, allowing him to concentrate on his driving, it has
caused a
major problem for the average, older Corvair driver. We have a heck of a time
sliding into the seat around the steering wheel! It also doesnbt help that,
in many cases, the drivers arenbt as young or slim as we used to be.

For purpose-built race cars, removable steering wheels have been available
for many years. Usually, a male-splined adapter is welded onto a special
steering shaft, and the wheel bolted onto the mating female-splined hub. This
fine for a racing-only car where the steering column was removed and special
hardware installed. On many racing Corvairs, the builders have elected to use
the relatively lightweight, rigid Corvair steering column. Up until now, there
has never been a removable wheel option for that small spline 64-66 Corvair

Silicone Wire Systems, working with Grant industries, has designed and now
has available special kits for the Corvair steering columns. To produce these
kits, new tooling was procured and the special splined adapter manufactured to
bolt right on to the Corvair column. The kits are easy to install, SFI (Safety
Foundation) approved for racing, and can be used to install almost any
aftermarket steering wheel. There is no provision for a horn installation.

The standard adapter P/N 3006 is designed to install an industry 3-bolt
flange racing wheel. Similar to the Grant/Superior designs available for 30
The 5-bolt option allows installation of the Grant bSignatureb series
There are other adapters available for installation of Momo/Sparco or other
aftermarket wheels. (Contact me for further info.) I can also provide adapters
available for the earlier and later Corvair Models. All Part number are shown

Part Numbers               Applications                              List
Prices               Our Price
P/N 3006 (3-bolt)          1964-1966 (All Non-Tele)          $ 145.00
P/N 3026 (5-bolt)          1964-1966 (All Non-Tele)          $ 160.57

P/N 3001 (3-bolt)          1960-63 and 67-69 (All)             $ 145.00
P/N 3021 (5-bolt)          1960-63 and 67-69 (All)             $ 160.57

Both 1964-66 adapters (P/N 3006 and P/N 3026) are in stock. P/N 3001 and 3021
will take another two weeks to supply.  Regular UPS or US Priority Mail
shipping costs will be an additional $6 per kit.

I can also supply any of the Grant Steering wheels. Just ask for more info.
I will have the wheel kits with me at the Lexington Convention vendor area.

Seth Emerson
Silicone Wire Systems
3462 Kirkwood Dr.
San Jose, CA 95117-1549

E-mail for more information  - Sethracer@aol.com