[V8Vairs] V8 Corvair For Sale

Rick & Janet Norris v8vairs@corvair.org
Sun, 12 Sep 2004 08:10:16 -0400

I have an un-finished 1965 Corvair V8 with a Kelmark conversion. The car is 
in very good condition body wise and has been driven about 3000 miles. It 
needs to have the radiator moved to the front of the car. It has a marine 
350 in it with a blown head gasket or cracked head.
 I have pictures available. I am wanting to sell it soon as I am moving and 
do not have room to keep it. I am asking $2500.00. There is a 1965 parts car 
also and a bunch of misc. extra parts. I also have the Kelmark manual and 
other lit for it.
Car is located in Washington state 60 miles north of Seattle.

Contact Ted Krogan tkrogen@hotmail.com