[V8Vairs] More Quadrajet Questions

Geoffrey A Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Thu Nov 3 21:26:21 EST 2005

I  am planning on having Ken Hand rebuild my Carburetor on my Toro-Vair at 
some point.  I spent all my money in Palm Springs this last weekend, so it 
will have to wait a few weeks.  Any way I have been daily driving 
(grinning ear to ear) the car 
for almost two weeks now.   I have been getting 12.2 mpg.  Well today I 
took the carb off along with doing some other cleaning and stuff on the 
engine.  All the vacuum plugs were shot, so I put new ones on.  I noticed 
it has mechanical linkage to operate the secondaries.  Apparently it had 
been modified?  They open at 1/2 throttle.  I assume this is not as good 
for mileage as vacuum operated secondaries?  Is it easy/possible to switch 
back?  Carburetor is off of a 73 Cadillac.  Thinking I should look 
for another one in the junkyard for parts.

-Geoff Johnson

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