[V8Vairs] Audi Transmissions

Sadek Charles H DLVA SadekCH at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Fri Nov 4 09:52:06 EST 2005

I am really interested in this topic so would appreciate as many folks who
have opinions to chime in, even off-line if they think it is too much
traffic.  What is your opinion of the Audi vs. Porsche (915 or later) vs.
the Renault (they make a heavy duty main shaft which takes V8 power-at least
in light weight racing cars)?

I have to unsubscribe and pick up in my new addresses; home is
chsadek at adelphia.net and work is charles.sadek at navy.mil

Chuck S

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> I just trashed my 2nd rebuilt Saginaw, (I got 5000 miles out of this one, 
> only 1000 out of the first one)

Interesting!  Usually the R & P goes in 3000 miles or so....even with added 

Why not just a good ole 915 Porsche....adapters available.....and just a 
cheap..but can be found everywhere...

Matt Nall
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