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Sun Nov 6 18:08:44 EST 2005

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> I have a problem with the ring and pinion being driven off the coast side 
> of the gears, 


This is an unusual problem...Ryans is a a Kelmark....drives off the coast 
side...Crowns don't flip the transaxle and drive off  the normal side....

Vair R & P's are 6"...no side stepping the clutch..usually...but Harlan 
Coburn of Denver has been running a Steve Goodman built 4.11!!! [ considered the 
weakest]  for years...behind a 388ci SBc  with Supercharger! [ 600hp at rear 
wheels...in SCCA  Solo Competition!]   no breakage for years!

I believe a 4.3 v6 SBC  with a 2004r trans could easily be mated to the stock 
diff....gets you OD!  and strong...Buick GN's run this trans....afain...

If the integral tailcase was cut off...a plate welded to the case to bolt to 
the diff....ouput shaft could be shortened..resplined....makes a setup 5" 
shorter than a Crown v8......keeps the balance of the car better than a 
KelMark...and a 4.3  with NOS  will make 400hp easily....

Matt Nall
65v8Crown with NOS

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