[V8Vairs] V8 Stuff (custom instruments)

NicolCS at aol.com NicolCS at aol.com
Sat Nov 19 15:20:09 EST 2005

I have installed one of these in a customer's Chevelle.  They seem to run 
from $239 to $299.  You will also have to purchase a reprodction lens.  Watch the 
outside diameter though, most of these cars appear to have larger 

Here's a link to a '65 Chevelle set ($239) that MIGHT stand a chance of being 
a better fit.  

The Amp gauge might be a challenge - I have a hard time getting them to work 
in any of these cars when the harness has been altered.  They're a 
high-current parallel-circuit and if the other side of the parallel circuit isn't right 
within (I'm guessing) 1/2 ohm, the gauge becomes either too frisky or doesn't 
move much. 

Another option - I have sent instrument binnacles down to custom-gauge shops 
and they will install 3 or 4 gauges so that they look stock or "custom" in an 
old binnacle.  Very cool and not crazy-expensive. 

Here's an example of that:

Craig Nicol
Heck,  that would be great in any Corvair with a Monza dash.  Any idea 
on  price?


I tried not to ask. For a Corvair, you would end up with a temp gage that  
wouldn't be too useful, unless you hooked it up as a oil temp. The range 
be a little off. I will give it a check. - Seth

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