[V8Vairs] V8VAIR Updates

Ryan Counterman VairKing at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 27 11:41:51 EST 2005

So what is everybody doing to their cars this winter?  Any big plans?  Small ones?  Share with us whats goin on in your garage.

As some of you know, I am getting pretty serious about engineering the Audi 5000 transaxle into da 'Vair, so as soon as I find a transaxle, and start getting some of these thoughts off the drawingboard and into the shop, I will take millions of pictures and actaully update my site.  Still never finished the body and paint work, looks like that will wait until next spring, or so I say...

I suppose the good news is that I will probably have a complete Kelmark kit up for sale in a few months, along with a 4 spider 3.27...

Ryan Counterman,  President WMCC
VairKing at hotmail.com
'65 Corsa Coupe V8 Kelmark; '65 Monza Convert 110/4sp

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