[V8Vairs] V8VAIR Updates

Don Stephens don.losthorseranch at direcway.com
Sun Nov 27 13:20:10 EST 2005

Still waiting for you to take the Audi plunge and copying what you do. :-)

I have been slowly re plumbing my clutch and being very happy that my 
shop is heated.


Ryan Counterman wrote:

>So what is everybody doing to their cars this winter?  Any big plans?  Small ones?  Share with us whats goin on in your garage.
>As some of you know, I am getting pretty serious about engineering the Audi 5000 transaxle into da 'Vair, so as soon as I find a transaxle, and start getting some of these thoughts off the drawingboard and into the shop, I will take millions of pictures and actaully update my site.  Still never finished the body and paint work, looks like that will wait until next spring, or so I say...
>I suppose the good news is that I will probably have a complete Kelmark kit up for sale in a few months, along with a 4 spider 3.27...
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