[V8Vairs] Inboard Disk Brakes

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Sun Nov 27 18:05:02 EST 2005

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VairKing at hotmail.com writes:

Has  anybody have inboard disk brakes on their Vair?  Anyone have experience  
with this at all?  Ive got some crazy thoughts going through my head  


The general problem with inboard brakes on a rear engined car,  is the 
diameter of the brake disc usually intrudes on the  engine/clutch/bellhousing space. 
I am not saying it cannot be done, but that  makes it tough. Of course, with 
a Crown-style V8, the end flange of the  transaxle where the Corvair 
bellhousing bolts up is no longer critical to  the power-flow. It could be cut away for 
Brake disc clearance. -  Seth

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