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David C. Herrin III source at adnc.com
Wed Aug 30 22:41:50 EDT 2006




Our New Ultra Series "Black & Gold" Kevlar Brake Shoes are now ready for a
"beta" release 

- to qualified* persons; prefer those with our Ultra Series "Street Kevlar"
Brake Shoes experience.

reg. @ $ 129.95 Sale - Intro @ $ 99.95  Beta @ $ 79.95 per axle set; 

same price as our US "Street Kevlar" @ $ 79.95 per axle set.

New Steel Brake Shoes, Black Powder Coated. No Core Deposits

Riveted* High Performance Friction - Street or Track, retains with self

Work hot or cold. Made in North America !


# US 189BGK = 1960-4 Pass. Frt. or Rear (bonded)

# US 228BGK = 1961-5 FC Frt. & Rear (riveted)

# US 245 & 246BGK = 1965-9 Pass. Frt. - Rear (riveted)

# US 246BGK = Ultra Coach Frt. & Rear (riveted)

I will insist that all new hardware be installed, a true backing plate
lubricant utilized, and the proper drum finish achieved and final cleaning
be done.  Your hydraulic system must be in "very good shape" ; I would
suggest our US Dual MC conversion, our US DOT Certified Braided Stainless
Steel Brake Hoses, and new wheel cylinders - you may use either Glycol or
Silicone Brake Fluid.


Do not procrastinate ! 

Limited to first 10 persons ... w/ Early or  FC !

Fastvair has already provided Late




The Source, Inc.

13975 Mira Montana, Del Mar, CA. 92014-3113

Telephone: 858/259-1520 (machine) Fax: 858/259-3843 

Web: www.thesourceparts.com <http://www.thesourceparts.com/>   E-Mail:
source at adnc.com



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