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George Jones bubblehd at excite.com
Mon Dec 11 23:31:58 EST 2006

Well, I got lucky. Darrell Dean built my V8 and he built his own sub-frame which did not have the standard cross member. This allowed me to move the alternator to the passenger side without any re-fabrication. I've also re-routed the upper cooling line to the passenger side. These changes alone gave me about two more inches of leg room. The big problem I have now is with the waterpump pulley. I'm already running a short water pump so I've got as much leg room as I possibly can get with the factory pulleys. I'm currently looking at a custom water pump and crankshaft pulleys, removal of the 3" steering wheel spacer and a narrower seat back. Without dropping a V6 in, I'm running out of options.

Needless to say, I am not running the Crown engine cover/seats, and I've put off completing the engine cover until I am comfortable with my seating position.

You can watch my progress at the following web site, although I've been a little remiss in updating it since my recent shoulder surgery:

 --- On Mon 12/11,  < GnKHOFFMAN at aol.com > wrote:

George: What are you doing to re-engineer the Crown Kit?  On mine we took a slice out of the front cross piece, moved the front pieces back on the sides so that they are about even with the engine mounts.  This allows the alternator to be placed really low (barely stick down in the floor).  Then the front seat can be mounted further back almost 4 inches. Tell us what you are doing. Gary

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