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I spent a few minutes with a person at Stewart Components (Water pumps) this afternoon at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Orlando, FL. I specifically asked whether their Electric Remote (in line) pump was sufficient to cool a V8 Corvair. I described the issues with engine placement and water flow. He assured me that any small block Chevy up to 400 HP could be cooled with one of their pumps. Above 400 HP, he felt a pair of pumps, each being fed from one of the pair of water outlets in the front of the block, could move plenty of coolant. With the pump moved out of the way, and a small, low mounted alternator, perhaps you would have enough room for good seats. - Seth Emerson    
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Have you checked Renegade Hybrids? http://www.renegadehybrids.com

This is an email quote I received from them May 20, 2004:

WATER PUMP AND ASSEMBLY:  Remote mounted water pump assembly       $335.00
mounts to the side of the engine and is belt driven from the harmonic balancer,
effectively shortening the overall engine length by approximately 5".  Features
our Renegade custom, cast aluminum, housing, utilizing an aluminum Chrysler
style big block impeller.  Includes adjustable mounting bracket, pulley, and 
Fittings.  The flow rate of this pump is comparable to many high performance
Chevrolet pumps.  (Replacement impeller for custom housing = $89.00)
COOLANT INLET PLATES & FITTINGS:  Machined from aluminum.  Bolts     $80.00
to the front of the block where the stock water pump was located.  Includes ¾"
90-degree fittings.  Priced per pair.

I am seriously considering using their pump even though it is rather high $, as 
it's the only that delivers the GPM and sits out of the way.  Contact them for 

Hope this helps,
Toby Brown

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I've looked at electric WP's (as well as remote mount electric), and as tempted 
as I am to give it a try, I'm a bit reluctant. The best flow rate I've seen out 
of an electric WP is about 55 GPM, and the factory WP has a flow rate of about 
95-110GPM. Not sure what this would do to the operating temp. which runs 
currently at about 220 in around town driving (with a 160 degree thermostat). 
I'm comfortable with this temp., but I wouldn't want it to go much higher.

Any thoughts?

George Jones
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