[V8Vairs] RE: cooling hot v8's deja vu

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Sun Dec 17 23:18:47 EST 2006

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Also  useful for a short term test is to just remove the thermostat ...
might be  very interesting ... not good for long term, almost all wear occurs
when  engine is " cold" ....

Just some trivia, ken campbell,  iouway

On my Autocrossing Camaro (V8), I used an electric water pump, twin  electric 
fans and no thermostat. I can warm the motor up a bit (watching the  temp 
gauge in the intake manifold, then turn the pump on to circulate the water,  
then, when necessary, turn on the fans to cool the radiator. It also enables me  
to run the pump and the fans in the pits between runs (without the engine  
running) , cooling the motor down. With this pump, the Meziere HD, it doesn't  
flow enough to run a road course. I would have to change to a mechanical pump. -  

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