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Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sun Dec 31 15:12:25 EST 2006

If the Trans case is cracked it has been abused. Usually it's the diff case 
as the one that came with mine was. Too much torque, especially in a stroked 
motor will try to spread the diff case apart.
I see by further reading that the hols in the sides of the body are supposed 
to be cool air inlets for the carb,
Also I notice the distributor is about a tooth off. When it's properly 
mounted it is almost square with the engine.


> You have got to wonder if the car ever really ran (other than on the 
> dyno),
> as where would the cooling air exit the front trunk area?  Also, a very
> interesting color combination on the crown frame, differential, engine 
> etc.
> Finally, how does one crack a transmission case (unless the  installation 
> wasn't
> very good, or the car was abused).
> My thoughts, although it is all there, and certainly a lot of $ was spent 
> on
> the engine.
> Gary Hoffman
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