[V8Vairs] Radiator Pipes

GnKHOFFMAN at aol.com GnKHOFFMAN at aol.com
Fri Jun 2 08:14:41 EDT 2006

What is the price, and can you describe the condition (inside;  rusty)?  
Also, any idea of $ to ship?  I live in the Denver Co area  (suburb name is actual 
Lakewood, Co, 80215).
I have been building a Crown V8 for the last 3 years, and am getting closer  
to finished.  The rear suspension is all redone, the entire drive train is  in 
the car, and discs all around.  I still need to cut/install the  radiator, do 
the piping, wiring change, front suspension.
Then 1 1/2 mos ago I found a complete Crown conversion, done in the '70's,  
which has been parked for 25 yrs.  It is now running, with new brakes, as  of 
last Saturday, but I had heating problems and charging problems.  Turns  out 
the radiator was completely clogged (Chunks of rust coming off the inside of  
the long pipes.)  Tomorrow I will put the re-done radiator back in, along  with 
a high volume water pump and shrouded fan (also a new voltage  regulator).
I was going to take out the old pipes, take them to a muffler shop and have  
another set made, but the pipes in the car aren't original crown; they are  
welded together pipes (to make the bends).
ps  I am keeping the 1st V8; I will finish it over the winter, but now  I 
have one to drive in the meantime!

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