[V8Vairs] Re: Kelmark shaft

Steve Goodman rearengine.steve at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jun 14 11:41:15 EDT 2006

Hello Bruce:  The length is correct by using the early 4 speed but I wonder
what is
done about the input shaft seal?  It is in the wrong location on the shaft.
Has Marty
got info on that by chance?

Best, Steve

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> > Since sending the initial post I have found out that there is another
possible Kelmark configuration that utilizes a stock length 66-69 Corvair
shaft if the 64-65 transmission is used.  (Thanks, Marty)  Clark's sells a
new 66-69 shaft with improved material and hardening just like the longer
Kelmark shaft.  This appears to be a good approach to avoiding the hard to
get and more expensive long shaft.  Does this seem reasonable?  Bruce
> I forgot to mention that Clark's has no more of the longer Kelmark shafts
and does not know if it will ever get any more.  That is why I am looking at
alternatives.  Bruce

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