[V8Vairs] I Need car transported MI to FL ...

The13Bats at aol.com The13Bats at aol.com
Thu Dec 11 16:41:28 EST 2008

Uship should be called Ugyp 
I have used Uship a few times and they were ok because  they are free for the 
Shipper and charge the transporter a fee and of course the  transporter ups 
their bid to cover that fee.
Now they are surpassing Fleabay in getting  greedy,
They want to charge the Transporter AND the shipper  now.
So I get hit with a double fee from an outfit that plays  the 3rd party 
neutral card if you get in a problem or cheated by a transporter  they offer no 
help and little to no customer support of any kind.
I need a non running kit car transported from MI to  FL
Are there other sites online that I can post my transport  needs and get a 
good rate?
Seems at this point Ugyp has me by the short  hairs
Many thanks for opinions and help
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