[V8Vairs] Drag Strip Class?

Larry larry at 3kittys.com
Tue Dec 16 11:23:44 EST 2008

I am probably the least qualified to answer your question since I've 
only run my Torvair once on the strip at Lebanon Valley NY. When I 
pulled into tech, they asked me what times I expected to turn.  Since I 
had no idea I put myself in the 14-15 second class.  There were no 
specific safety requirements other than the norm like battery hold down. 
They did not even require a helmet! I only did two test runs with my 
best being a 14.0 at 100 mph.  This is on street tires, street start 
from the line and hesitating to be sure I had traction. If I had dipped 
into the 13's, a helmet was required. since I'm an old road racer, I 
wore a helmet and driving suit that I already have.  You can never be 
over protected. My understanding is the the Crown conversion can easily 
get into the 12's.  Maybe your local track is different.  This was a 
bracket racing event.

A roll cage (and /or safety cage), helmet, fire resistant gloves, socks, 
shoes and suit are good to have regardless of the class you run.  Yuo 
can get a nice class 1 fire suit and such for about $300 plus helmet. 
Get a full face type. Open face have minimal protection.  A parachute is 
way overkill.

my $ .02


Paul Siano wrote:
> Many years ago I took my Crown conversion to the local drag strip.  I never got past the tech inspection.  They were not sure which class to put it in.  They ended up deciding to put it in an altered class which required a fire suit and a parachute which I didn't have. 
> What has been the experience of other V-8 conversions at drag strips?  In which class were you placed?
> Just curious,
> Paul
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