[V8Vairs] re-NAPA master/slave

Ed Dowds ed_dowds at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 5 22:23:51 EST 2009

I believe the master cyl you are using is from a 60-62 C20  Chevy truck.


There are two slave cyls listed:


1" = Napa Part# NNC 19097 (Old part # MAY be 36170)


1-1/16" = Napa Part# NNC 36124


Other manufacturers list only the 1-1/16" slave for the application but do have interchanges for the 1". 

I think that when I sold these (in a previous life) the 1-1/16" were more common.


Other part #s:

19097 = Bendix 11466, EIS  EW39973

36124 = Bendix 11217, EIS  EW34447


I think the original Crown kit used a Toyota Land Rover slave which was 

Girling/Lucas #313200. I think those were 3/4".


I hope this helps.



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