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> new owner of a 65 corsa. the v8 project somewhat started. any help on 
> accerlator cables, or hook up? mine is the standard small block , 4-speed.
>                                      thanks
>                                      dennis from ohio
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Hi; on one of my v8vairs I am using a hydraulic cylinder ( unit, footfeed, 
etc. from Summit Racing about 1990 ... ) to actuate the carburetor throttle 
arm ... this is neat in an artistic way, but is a bit slow for doing double 
clutch downshifting etc.  Also, it is very sensitive to hydraulic fluid 
level, it needs topping up every month or so, only a few drops, and it does 
have a top-up/    air bleed valve just before the cylinder, at the carb.  I 
wouldn[t do this again, because the choke cable approach is just as good, 
and is quicker and has more " feel" at the foot pedal.  On my other v8vair I 
have a pretty straight forward choke cable, but upon seeing the Neato Morse 
throttle ( more professional ) cable I purchased one  from Marine Supply and 
will install it the next time I feel like getting all greasy & pinching 
fingers. (g).  Hope this helps a  bit.

I should mention that now that we have 3 or 5 zingy street cars, we find 
that there are so many deer standing in the middle of the nice twisty roads 
of Iowa .... that we are now afraid to go more than about 46 mph... day or 
night..... you don't just hit the deer, they jump out from behind a stop 
sign and HIT YOU !!

Might have to rent a  race track to find a safe place to play boy racer ... 

ken campbell,

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