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DITTO for me as well, Seth.

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On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 9:58 AM, Frank Esser <fesser at napanet.net> wrote:

> Hello Seth,
> I'd take at least one set if they were available.  I'd love to see a
> picture or two.  Thanks.
> Frank E.
> (The guy from Napa who was with the other guy from Napa who bought your
> green 68 500)
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> I  am testing the waters for a new product. I modified a Corsa dash for my
> competition car (65 coupe) last year. Aside from the slight tweak to fit it
> into  the dash after the installation of the roll cage, I had to pick and
> choose
> which  instruments to keep and which to replace. Since I was keeping the
> car
> registered  as a street car in California, I had to keep a
> Speedometer/Odometer in place, but otherwise, within the budget and
>  need-to-know, the
> instruments were mine to choose. Since the engine had a  functioning
> Cylinder head temp
> sender, and the gas tank had a functioning  sender, those two were easy
> choices. The Vacuum gauge was useless and the clock  – less than useless.
> But I
> hooked up the fuel and cylinder head temp gauges,  Mounted a huge warning
> light
> (15 PSI oil pressure switch) in place of the  original Tachometer and
> mounted an
> external Tach where it was easier to  see.  I mounted  large – 2 5/8” - Oil
> temp and Oil  Pressure gauges on the roll cage cross bar and went racing.
> Although I have spent some time getting  the car to run a bit better – and
> quieter, I haven’t reworked the gauges and  displays at all since the
> installation.
> Some of the recent talk on Virtual  Vairs, V8Vairs and FastVair, discussed
> replacement of the original Corsa gauges,  especially for the V8 guys, who
> have
> little need for the Vacuum gauge or  Cylinder Head temp gauge, but probably
> need that fuel gauge a bit more  <grin>. After some of the talking, a wire
> customer of mine recently  offered to supply setsof nicely finished
> aluminum adapter
> plates to use to add  standard type of gages to the Corsa dash. No cutting
> of
> the original hardware,  and the dash can always be returned to stock if you
> desire. Last night, I took  one of my Corsa dashes apart and replaced the
> gages
> with the adapters and a few  aftermarket gages. The adapters provide a
> place
> for an aftermarket industry  standard 2-1/16 inch gauge in all four center
> positions, and industry standard 3  3/8 inch gage in the Speedometer and
> Tachometer positions. Many of the  aftermarket racing gauges have flat
> faces which
> might result in reflections, but  Autometer, among others, has several
> product
> lines that have conical faces,  similar to the original Corvair gage. These
> are
> designed for the refined Street  Rod Market. There are several speedometers
> which will fit the 3 3/8” bracket and  Tachometers to fit the matching
> right
> side. But a great solution is a  four-in-one  3 3/8” gauge  which places a
> Temp
> (intended as water,  but would work fine for oil) a Fuel gauge – works with
> the
> stock Corvair sender,  an Oil Pressure and a Volt display all in the one 3
> 3/8
> ” round gauge. This is  similar to other GM cars circa 1967. On the
> opposite
> side, a matching  Speedometer has a small Tach showing in the bottom
> quadrant.
> And you still get  to choose four more small gauges! – An engineers dream!
> Probably not too cheap  though. But for us regular folks, these brackets
> allow
> our choice of 4 standard  gauges in the middle, a visible tach on the
> right,
> the stock or replacement  speedometer on the left, with no cutting or
> gluing,
> and returnable to  stock.  The adapters will likely be  sold as a set, each
> set
> will include four separate adapters. Two large ones, one  for the tach and
> one
> for the speedo and two smaller “doubles” one for the upper  pair and one
> for
> the lower pair. The upper mount includes appropriate locating  for the turn
> indicator bulbs. My estimate on the pricing is about $42 for the  set of
> four,
> with about $5 of shipping extra.  If you want to see what they look like,
> drop me back a note and I will send you a couple of digital photos. These
> are
> still a  ways from market.
> Seth Emerson
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