[V8Vairs] Last Call - CA Sales Tax

David C. Herrin III source at adnc.com
Mon Mar 30 21:58:07 EDT 2009

Last Call ! 

March 2009  Sales - Ultra Series “Street Kevlar” and  Ultra Series “Black
and Gold Kevlar” Brake Shoes, Ultra Brake Hose Kits, and  All in One Brake
Hardware Kits. See March 2009 CORSA Communiqué for Details


Avoid April 1st  CA Sales Tax increase; that is from 7.75% to +8.75%

Plus so many new product price increases 


E mail is still best; as I am still quite ill


David source at adnc.com

The Source www.thesourceparts.com <http://www.thesourceparts.com/> 



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