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Has a  "How To" article been written on this  subject?



Paul - I have a much better solution. Although a bit more expensive, but  
specially suited for a V8 conversion. The Instrument adapter kit for the 
Corsa  dash allows you to replace pairs of the smaller four center gages, or 
either one  or both of the larger outer gages. You can dump the Head temp gage 
and the  non-working clock. Autometer makes a great 8,000 RPM tach that 
mounts perfectly  where the original Tach mounted. (e-mail me for a photo, that 
is what I am  using) and a water temp gage that would replace the head 
temp,etc, etc.   You could run a stock speedo, and the replacement tach, they 
sell a replacement  Fuel gage that works with the original sender and has to be 
more accurate  than the original. You get to pick the remaining three 
gages. Autometer - or any  of the other 2 1/16" gages - thousands are available. 
The kit provides mounts  for all six gage locations, no cutting is required, 
and you can always go  back to original. $42 + $5 shipping. Ask me for a 
Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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