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...just  got my 65-500 up on blocks to start gutting,,and plan to use a 
modified s10  column,w/ collapsing shaft,for safety and a wider choice of 
modern steering  wheels..have a couple ,like from a mid-80's Camaro that will 
bolt  on..

Something to consider when mounting a factory collapsible column from  
another car into the Corvair. The column is designed to collapse in two  
directions. The bottom/front is set to move upward in a front-end impact,  allowing 
the column to be solid at the dash with the shaft moving up into it.  
Secondly, the column is designed to displace downward if the driver impact the  
steering wheel - whether of not the front end of the column was impacted. The 
 mounting tabs underneath the dash should be duplicated, if possible, to 
allow  all of that to happen. Good luck on the electrical hook-ups it will 
take a pair  of wiring diagrams and a good set of test tools to make that 
happen. The  Oldsmobile Intrigue uses a tilt steering column without the ignition 
key mounted  in it. The key is on the dash on the Olds. That might make it 
an easier install  than most. 

Seth Emerson

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