[V8Vairs] LS Series motor in a V8 Corvair

Jim Acker jim.acker at comcast.net
Sat Feb 27 15:32:06 EST 2010

There are a number of folks attaching LS motors to non-Corvair, but I don't
know any using the Corvair transaxle.  As far as the Porsche 5 and 6 speeds
go, you need to use G series or later boxes.  Early 5 speeds are no stronger
than the Corvair and have a useless first gear that can't be changed (part
of shaft).  The G series boxes, both 5 and 6 speed hold up, but have to be
run inverted.  No real issue here except the ground clearance is pretty low
to get decent half shaft alignment.  I used the 930 4 speed because it is
bullet proof up to any resonable torque for a mid-engine Corvair and the r&p
can be flipped, allowing you to run it with straight half shafts and decent
ground clearance.  The LS works well with Corvette transaxle arrangments and
several folks are doing this successfully. 
Jim Acker

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