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Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Mon Apr 4 01:12:58 EDT 2011

A little new AD for April. Several times in the last few years since  I 
made the steering wheel hub adapters available for the Corvairs, I have  had 
customers who either couldn't decide whether to use the GM "wood" wheel or  
one of the aftermarket (usually Grant) real wood, Leather, plastic or other  
rims. (Nobody has ever asked about the Chromed Chain-link wheels, I guess 
that  is good). I went back to the drawing board this winter and I changed  my 
design for the 65-66 steering wheel hub adapters. The new design will  now 
work with either the 5 or 6 bolt wheels. The new design also includes the  
mounting holes for the GM horn button switch. You can even install it with  a 
5 bolt wheel now and change it later to a GM wheel or a Momo. This  is the 
same dual-pattern design that I had incorporated in my 60-63  adapters. The 
only adapter that will retain the separate design for the 5  or 6 bolt is the 
1964, since the 64 6-bolt is a duplicate of the rare  factory wood wheel 
option. If you want to know more about these adapters,  drop me back a note 
and I will send you more data. 
Seth Emerson
Silicone Wire Systems

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