[V8Vairs] Sealing the gap after removing the side glass

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Well  Paul, 

               WE  will  see  what  happens,........   I  have  made  up  my  mind  to  replace  the  back  windows  with  plexigass, fastened  with  dzus  fasteners [NO  FUZZIES] . There  may  be  a  mis-alignment  problem  where  the  2  windows  meet,but, I  will  deal  with  it.  All  that  window  mechanism  stuff  is  heavy...... 

                                                                                                                  Good  Luck , Bob 

 P.S. Remember , ... removing  wieght  is  the  same  as  making  more  HP's 

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Subject: [V8Vairs] Sealing the gap after removing the side glass 

As I have not used the side windows of my fair weather Crown car in the last forty years or so, I'm thinking about removing them rather than hauling them around for no reason.   

Two questions for those who have done it: 

If you sealed the top gap, what did  you use? 

Did you remove the "fuzzies?" 

Thanks in advance for your info and ideas. 

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