<VV> Re: Oh...Vairs in Movies

Tareece@aol.com Tareece@aol.com
Sun, 1 Aug 2004 00:26:03 EDT

 Goodness Derek,
 U live in a sheltered world son....The Marque has been featured in Mr. 
Holland OPUS and Fear....In Fear the actor Mark  (Marky Mark?) says, "She can't 
help it how they built her." He says this in responsed to the subject of his 
passion and desire, "Isn't this the car that blows up?"..
    Ahhhh, nothing keeps Hollywood away from its facts....

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From: Derek Archer <eggman@owt.com>
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 17:55:56 -0700
Subject: <VV> Corvair in a Movie!

I was watching the 1988 movie "UHF" (The DVD was released in 2002) 
starring "Weird Al" Yankovic and noticed something strange. There is 
about a 10-second scene in the movie where there is a red late-model 
CORVAIR convertible in the background!! The view is from the front, and 
it is almost definitely a corvair. This can be seen at timecode
1:10:22.(H:MM:SS) However, toward the end of the movie, the car is 
shown again, but only the interior. I didn't catch the timecode. But 
the interior looks more like an early Mustang convertible. Kind of 
interesting as I have NEVER seen a corvair used in a movie before.


Todd Reece
65 Monza Convert