<VV> windshield repair panel...help!

Jim Briggs jim_a_b3@hotmail.com
Sun, 01 Aug 2004 11:41:21 -0700

I received my repair panel this week from a fellow VV'er. While I knew that 
these panels were not the same contour as the original, I was expecting the 
panel to be too flat and not overcontoured (too much curve) as this one is.  
I received a kindly tip previously from Bob Slusher to start in the middle 
and work out to the edges when installing this piece. The only article 
specifically that I could find on this install/repair is a very general one 
in the Tech Guide. Can anyone out there who has done this repair email me a 
more specific description of the removal of the old windshield section and 
install of the new.  I am not mechanically challenged but I don't want to 
have to do this more than once. Any and all help is appreciated!!

Jim Briggs
1-65 500 4dr. PG, 110
1-65 Monza 110, 4spd, a/c, Monte Carlo interior, IROC wheels
1-66 Corsa,  Olds aluminum 266 conversion in (slow) progress

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