<VV> "WTBRT" ULTRA report

Louis C. Armer, Jr. carmerjr@mindspring.com
Mon, 02 Aug 2004 13:54:14 -0400

The "WTBRT" tackled the front suspension update of #112 on Sunday. We installed
all the "treasures" after pulling the old front suspension from a shreaking 
#112 who
claimed there was nothing wrong with her old stuff. She relucantly gave in 
as the last
of her front suspension bolts were cranked out. Of course there were no 
complaints as
the new implants were done.
       Corvair Underground's pretty blue bushings were used in the A arms, 
Clarks ball joints
are now in place, ULTRA HD coil springs with a 2 coil cut are riding in the 
spring towers with
the ULTRA bump stops halved per Seth's reminder and the "OOS" ( Old 
Original Stock ) front
cross member has been media blasted and POR 15ed. We had already done 
brakes (seldom used)
new brake hoses, HD schocks and rebushed the sway bar when we refurbished 
the steering system
and added the ULTRA aftermarket fast steering arms. We are having one 
slight problem with an
uncooperative ULTRA nut currently unwilling to leave it's original thread 
position on the right ULTRA
adjusting strut. Although the ULTRA nut has been PB blasted, tapped with 
our ULTRA hammer
and wrenched violently it remains steadfast. The complete ULTRA front 
suspension has been
reinstalled and Scott and I are very pleased with the results.
        Next we tackle the trailing arm bushings and the rear coil springs 
but that's another story.

Part 2 later

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