<VV> Corvair in a Movie!

Rick Loving ral1963@earthlink.net
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 20:22:19 -0400

I also sent in an addition.

Swamp thing 2, during a scene shot at a backwoods cabin in the swamp, at
the end of the scene during several large explosions you can see a
yellow LM Corvair coupe blow up into the air along with several other
cars.  The car stands up vertical on it's bumper for a second right
before the scene switches to another angle with the other cars flying

I thought my Girl had an Ultravan in it and With Honor had the

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world (something like that) also has a Corvan
drive by in the background during one of the scenes.

Rick Loving

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> Kind of 
> interesting as I have NEVER seen a corvair used in a movie before.

You don't watch many movies, do you?
Check out the following web site for Corvairs in Movies:


the web site needs to be updated to include:
My girl 2 (Greenbrier)
Stuck on You (LM Convertible)

Bill Hubbell