<VV> Side window fuzzies/wipes

Brown, Douglas T CIV NAVAIR DEPT douglas.t.brown@navy.mil
Wed, 4 Aug 2004 09:25:18 -0700

Does anyone know what cars came with squeegee type wipes on the side windows as opposed to the usual fuzzies?  I have a '66 Corsa with the rubber wipes with a stainless trim on them that I've never seen on a Corvair.  They're not in Clark's catalog.  I sure like them though.  With foggy windows, you roll them down and they get clean.  It also helps keep debris out of the door.  Any knowledge/opinions?

Toby Brown
San Diego
'66 Corsa
'67 Crown V8
'65 Monza 140 Convertible
'66 Crown conversion project FS