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> As far as shocks go, I will tell you what I have heard in the past; I am
> speaking from personal experience.  The Carerra shocks are good, but I
> are no longer available.  The KYBs also have an excellent reputation, and
> ARE available at Corvair Motorsports.
> https://secure16.websitecomplete.com/corvair/shop/prodCat.asp
Kc sez;  I have a classic set of Monroe AirLifts ( 1970's ? )on the rear of
a v8vair, and enjoy mounting my 15 inch x 8 ?  early corvette wheels, with
255 x 60-15 BFG and cruize thru a few local drive-ins ; looks absolutely
menacing, ( On the front are 215/60/15 vette rigs  ) and blow the jackers
all the way to the top to "nearly clear" the big gummie-looking tires on the
back.  A few knowledgeable kids still think it's cool, mostly any more most
penis-ring gangsta-pants delinquents have no appreciation for this .. sigh
....   I have to mention that I don[t run these seriously, I think I might
blow the differential or transmission out ... I usually run my 215 x 60 x 14
ralleye chevy wheels, this provides all the traction I need for the street
... I can smoke my weber clutch with this even , don't need any cracking
sounds (g)....  I just mention this because of the monroe jackers, so cool
occasionally ....
> >
> > Engine:  The engine in the corvair is a stock 110.  I would
> > still like
> > to replace this with a 180 mainly for more get up and go and
> > because I
> > have already purchased a 180.  I was going to rebuild with a
> > set of 140
> > heads, new ot30 cam, KB pistons, inter cooler, oil cooler,
> > large valve
> > covers and oil pickup, DIS, and FI.  After hearing a post
> > this weekend
> > about "needing extra umph" I was wondering what are some mid / high
> > performance setups that have been proven to work well with the 180?
> > Mostly looking for combinations or things to look out for.
Be sure to get your bushings and maybe steering box rebuild done before
adding power ... a fast vair that wanders with it's own mindset is a very
dangerous car ... ie, don't get that rear engine started, you might not get
it back.
I am not sure I can advise putting much money into a turbo setup ... budget
maybe $2000 at least before you do that, and that is NOTHING exotic.  I have
a 66 turbo that I am trying to slowly convert into an interesting street
car, and so far have about $6K in a complete engine renewal and a few
goodies.  When I get done, I will be able to get on it only a few seconds at
a time, because so far I don[t think I can cool it well enough.
And you know what ... I think the stock turbo 180 is kinda fun, it's not
what you would call fast, but it is fun to hear the turbo wind up and go a
little faster for a second or two ...   with water injection and a trick
Dale-Type ignition ( the stocker one is a joke, although it lights the plugs
sorta ok ...  it's like a broken clock, it shows the right time once in a
while ...  ) you could probably stretch that full throttle to maybe 2 or 3
seconds.  If you want faster yet, for the bucks I think a 2 inch diameter SU
carburetor up front will fix you up.  Forget the intercooler, use water
injection instead, and now you will need an anti-knock ignition tuner .. I
have a SafeGuard, consider it first class ...
If you like performance, I gotta ask you to consider a v6 ( or v8 ) rig ....
I had a starving saturday night dirt racer/ace engine builder guy build me a
presentable v8 SB ( TRW, 280 comp cam, roller lifters, stock headers tho
... ) for about $1500 ... it took him a week on the engine, and about a
month to stick it into the back seat of a  late model donor body ....   Next
time it will be a V6, for the extra 1.5 inches of leg room, and THEN maybe a
turbo setup ....  mostly, because you can cool a 400 horse water cooled
chevvy, probably not so a corvair engine ...
How about finding a finished ( check for safe ! ) v8 or v6 Vair in your
area, go take a ride in it, and then see if you still want to spend $6K on a
20 second 180 type corvair.
Just some thoughts, ken campbell, iowuh
...and yes, Fastvair is the forum you otta get onto .. but there is a lot of
info xfer here/there ...