<VV> "WTBRT" ULTRA report / In praise of the Cumudgeon

Louis C. Armer, Jr. carmerjr@mindspring.com
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 19:32:33 -0400

I wrote about this problem:

We are having one slight problem with an uncooperative ULTRA nut currently 
unwilling to
leave it's original thread position on the right ULTRA adjusting strut. 
Although the ULTRA nut
has been PB blasted, tapped with our ULTRA hammer and wrenched violently it 
remains steadfast.

I had numerous suggestions about conquering the ULTRA nut. They included 
suggestions from:

Mike Mann = chuck-look at the threads on the strut rod. usually they are 
gone and it might be better to look for another one-mike
                     I replied to Mike that the strut rod was in good 
Mike again =chuck-in that case have you thought about using a nut cutter? mike

Chuck Sadek =  Those ULTRA nuts on the strut arms are a bitch.  I put a 
strut rod clamped vertically to a welding table, used a 6'pipe on a box 
wrench and walked around the table, back and forth to take one off.  After 
liberal ULTRA wire brushing and fluid used.  I suggest the blue wrench. The 
thread size is unusual and requires a special order for a tap or 
die.  However, a thread comb will allow you to clean up the threads pretty 
well.  Or careful application of a needle file.

I asked Chuck about the term "blue wrench"???

Chuck Sadek = Blue wrench equals torch-hot blue flame welding torch.  Red 
hot, turn it off when hot.

Joe Robbins = unprintable suggestions about WTBRT and  #112

Rick Norris (TLH) = Heat your nuts with a torch to break the rust bond. I 
use my profane torch
powered with MAPP gas. Much hotter than Profane! Then there's the nut 
splitter. ( I'm pretty sure I dated her once...)

For those of you who haven't had the thrill of removing very fine threaded 
strut rod nuts ( 1" ) from very
seldom adjusted ( if ever ) strut rods, It is a very difficult task. I had 
just about chosen to buy a MAPP
gas cylinder from Lowes, Home Depot or Ace........when The Curmudgeon aka 
MR. Smitty Smith and
one of my favorite Gurus on the list, e-mailed this:

Chuckie I don't know exactly what you are doing as it is one of
those Late model things.  But a rusty nut is a rusty nut or at least has
been for the last 60 years or so when I started working on cars.  If you
can get a large solid mass on one flat of the nut amd smack the hell out
of it on the flat on the other side with a GBFH it will crush the nut
inward on the crispy and brittle byproducts of oxidation that has a grip
on it.  Much the same as smacking a spindle fitting to release a taper
pin from it.  Move to another pair of flats if possible and do it again.
Once it moves, then is the time to start soaking with PB Blaster or
whatever.  Keep moving it back and forth but don't try to unscrew it till
the solvents have had time to break down the deposits inside.  Works for
me.            Smitty

Now the plot thickens as yesterday I returned to the ULTRA nut which is now 
out on the new ULTRA suspension of #112. It was about 90%F in HotLanta or 
at Teds
parking lot in Temperate Tucker. Next door at the Dairy Queen a asphalt 
paving crew
were laying a new parking lot and had their miniature steam roller parked 
in Teds lot.
In addition they had a Fork lift which they had to use to remove the steam 
roller off
their trailer but that's another story. Anyway I get back down on the 
ground and attempt
to move the ULTRA bolt with my 1" wrench but it has no intention of moving 
so off comes
the strut rod again and I carry it into Ted's shop, put it in the big vise 
and once again try
to get movement from the ULTRA nut. NOTHING, Soooo I grab the strut rod, 
get the paving crews
attention and ask them if I can "borrow" the surface of one of the fork 
lift arms to beat the
ULTRA nut per Smitty's persuasion method. They agree but look at me kind of 
funny and
go back to work. Using the fork lift arm as my anvil, I take the 3# sledge 
in one hand and
the strut rod in the other. WHAM, damn that felt good.............WHAM, 
that felt even better,
I think I will perform a WHAM on each flat of this arrogant *&%^^& stubborn 
rusty uncooperative ..........
FRIENDS, so many times it's not what you do but what you know that 
counts!!!<GGG> That nut
was so cooperative after I gave it the "Smitty Massage" that it would 
almost turn by hand.
A little PB blaster and we were moving up and down the strut rod in fine 
fashion. I media
blasted all the threads on the rod, cleaned it up, and painted the 
rod........no not
the threads......and reinstalled it in #112 with both sides of the new 
bushings snugged
up properly.

Thanks to all for their suggestions but FRIENDS we wouldn't have nearly as 
many ULTRA
parts without MR. Smittys wisdom. Thanks Smitty !!!

FrontMan aka Chuckie

Corvair Atlanta, BOD
CORSA Tri-Membership Chairman