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I'm using some box enclosed 6X9s in the well behind the back seat.

Boxes available at most "Lous A**" car stereo stores... 6X9s - all kinds 
everywhere. Mine 
are Pioneer 3 ways.

In the front I have some surface mount brand Xs the PO had already installed. 
5" round with
whizzer cones. Don't sound too bad as a combo. The fronts by themselves suck.

I wish I could point you to where the fronts came from but, unfortuanately, I 

They are just hung on the bulkhead in locations approximating left and right.

I did somethingsimilar with the Lakewood with speakers from Radio Shack but 
they are no
longer selling car stereo supplies or parts.

I think a trip to the local "Loud A** Car Stereo" store may help. They know 
where to get this
stuff and the competition, at least around here in Sunny Southern" if fierce 
and they have
decent prices, and are helpful, as a result.

Good luck

Tim Abney

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