<VV> LM brake questions

Sadek Charles H DLVA SadekCH@NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 14:45:37 -0400

A partial response.

Properly rebuilt as req'd and maintained drum brakes will be fine.  The
factory size MC and wheel cylinders are correct for the application.  They
will stop as well as any street disk brake car other than the great big high
performance disk brake sports cars, etc.  

For legal speeds, drum brakes should be very suitable.

Above 100 mph, under controlled very severe braking as done on track, the
drum brakes can brake with the disk brakes in competition applications.
However, it is difficult to get everything exactly right for that threshold
braking situation. Slightly reducing pedal pressure will result in
controlled braking but longer stopping distances-in the instance I am
talking about.  In other words, at 120 mph at the end of the straight in
#73, the brakes have to be RIGHT ON to brake at the limit.  If not, you have
to ease off, which results in slower lapping times.

This sensitivity to minor imperfections in the set up is not there on disk

Chuck S

> Brakes:  I'm going to have to also replace all of the wheel
> cylinders, front and rear shoes, and brake hardware.  Doesn't have to be
> done ASAP but it needs to be done.  Plus I was also going to do the dual
master cylinder conversion.  I was already thinking of going disc brakes all
> around so I don't want to spend the cash on the old brakes if I'm
> replacing them anyway.  What are your thoughts on front and rear disc
> brakes?

Rears are actually more important because, due to the bias of weight toward
the rear of the car, they do most of the work.  Actually, the factory drum
brakes are pretty good.  I would suggest you post to FastVairs and ask how
many of the serious race guys are running 4 wheel disc.  Certainly would
look cooler, but I am not sure that that would be your best use of money.
Also, there are two kits from Clarks for the front, and if you go that way,
from what I understand you don't want the cheap set.