<VV> Crazy Corsa (FIXED)

Glenn psaboic@yahoo.com
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 18:14:05 -0700 (PDT)

     As you know I wrote this morning about the tach fluctuating on the 65 Corsa whenever I would let off the gas or give it gas (sometimes it would peg the tach too). Then the motor started running rough, intermittantly backfiring, etc...
Well, I got home today and tore into it. To make a long story short, the points were fine, the points plate was fine, all the wires were solidly connected, vac advance was fine. So I guess just maybe I found a new failure that no one had had before.
Ready.............................It was the darn ROTOR!  If you take off the rotor and look at the underside of it you will see 2 plastic legs (for lack of a better word) that hold the rotor solidly in the notch on the distributor. Well, one of those plastic legs had broken off leaving only one to hold the rotor to the shaft. The result was I had probably 15-20 degrees of play in the rotor (if not more). I'm surprised the darn car got me the 30 miles home ok considering....
So, there you have it. Took the car out again after the fix and ran it nice and hard with no problems. I even treated her to a tank of Premium and some carb cleaner/marvel mystery oil as a thank you for getting me home safe when she was ailing.
Thanks to Harry, Bill, Dennis, Larry Foreman and a host of others who pointed me in the right direction.  Thanks folks,

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