<VV> hub caps, tires, and speakers

Bonnzz@aol.com Bonnzz@aol.com
Fri, 6 Aug 2004 19:00:11 EDT

Hey gang,
does any one have a 13 inch Corsa hub cap for sale?? I have only 3 for the 66 
I am restoring. I have a Spyder cap I can trade for it if someone needs one. 
It doesn't need to be in concourse condition, but would like a nice one.
Also, will a 205-60-13 fit on a stock rim, and not rub on the tie rod ends??
As to the person that has the speaker question, I just bought a really cool 
300 watt, complete with a nice finnished box, (with 2 nice chrome bars going 
across the speakers) for only 15 bucks at Walmart. It fits great in the rear 
cargo area under the rear window. Can't beat it for only 15 bucks. Also sounds 
very well with only a 40 watt radio.
                                                         Mark Kinnan      
Lake Placid, Fl.
                                                          64 Spyder, 66 Corsa 
140 with a 4 bbl