<VV> Re: Shhhh...'60 questions

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Fri, 06 Aug 2004 22:09:28 -0700

At 06:43 hours 08/06/2004 -0700, Mike Stillwell wrote:
> Don't tell anyone, but I've been working on an early.

You don't mean it!     

>Couple questions for the cave experts.
> What does the correct '60 oil filler cap say on it?

Nothing.  The original cap is flat as Kansas.   It wasn't until later that
they started stamping OIL on the cap to keep people from pouring water into
the filler spout.   

> The current battery hold down is a bungee cord..I
>don't think it's factory.   

It *might* have been the seafoam green with tuxedo black stripe optional
quick release battery hold-down which evidently was either a COPO thing or
possibly 7-11.    

>Is the original similar to
>the '65 style with threaded rods and a rubber coated
>wire "top"?

The '60 battery holder is a unique peculiarly shaped item with one "leg"
longer than the other.   One end attaches to the bracket on the battery
tray via the standard long bolt and the other end attaches with a short
bolt to the bracket on the engine bay sheet metal.   The hold-down is more
a "zigzag" shape than U-shaped like late model hold-downs.   

...you could look at the ones on my daily driver or the red Monza... :)   

> This is a pretty nice car, from CA - oakland built,
>that recently moved to VA and needs some minor work
>due to sitting for a few years. I'd like to help owner
>make it right.

Might he be a potential chapter member?