<VV> Long Distance (HUMOR)

Bruce Schug bwschug@charter.net
Fri, 6 Aug 2004 22:37:52 -0400

On Aug 6, 2004, at 10:31 PM, vairologist@juno.com wrote:

> Smitty says:  I guess my longest trip non stop in a Corvair was KC to 
> St
> Catherens Canada in 13 hrs.  My longest non stop ever was from KC to 
> San
> Francisco in 1954 in a 48" Studebaker in 32 hours.  No interstates and 
> no
> tunnels through the mountains in those days.  I wanted a face to face
> "yes" from my girlfriend.  Longest continous trip in a Corvair was 
> 12,000
> miles front door to front door.


If you're used to driving distances like that, it'll be a piece of cake 
for you to come to our autocross, "Corvairs in the Curves", in 
September. I understand you've even been offered a free room if you 
come. Of course, you'll have to face our LATE MODELS on the autocross 
course! What's your excuse now?


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