<VV> Re: Shhhh...'60 questions

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Sat, 07 Aug 2004 08:44:16 -0700

At 08:16 hours 08/07/2004 +0100, Alan and Clare Wesson wrote:
>Tony wrote:
>> Nothing.  The original cap is flat as Kansas.   It wasn't until later that
>> they started stamping OIL on the cap to keep people from pouring water
>> the filler spout.
>The fact that my mother's (original style, not the truck-sized BMW fake!)

In the words of Conner McLeod:  

"There can be only one."      The new "mini" is a contradiction in terms,
twice the size of the real one and true to it only in that it resembles the
original in shape.    Ever see a BMW copy positioned next to a real one?
Give me a genuine Austin item any day.    

Hell, I'd even take one of the 2nd Gen boxy Minis that looked like little
VW Rabbits before I'd ride one of the current *Expensive* and *Heavy*
copies.    But I digress...   

>oil filler cap had 'Shell - Duckhams - Esso - BP (etc.)' stamped on
>it didn't stop *her* filling the engine (transverse, of course, so she
>thought it was the radiator!) with water. I guess she thought they were all
>brands of bottled mineral water (;-)).   

There's no way to anticipate or prevent presumption.   I suppose it's
something that's necessary in this day and age so that the enlightened can
have something to discuss and shake their heads over...  

Kinda makes me wonder how many heads I've made shake.    

>At least Minis aren't air-cooled, though...

...nothing wrong with air kul...