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Sun, 8 Aug 2004 21:11:31 EDT

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> I've had a very low clutch release point in my '66 Corsa for ever. I have 
> the 
> cable set up per the shop manual, the undeflected point is about 3/4" off 
> the 
> trans mount. I can't see any flex in the different components, the clutch 
> rod 
> starts to move when the pedal is pressed. I have a small amount of 
> deflection 
> before the throwout bearing contacts the fingers, I don't want to preload 
> the 
> bearing as that will cause it to wear out (again). Could the disk be too 
> thick? what else am I missing to get the release point off the floor? 

The only thing you can do is increase the rate of travel....lengthen the arm 
at the crosstube....I believe things are changing in the "rebuilt market of 
parts"...old ULTRA  parts never have this problem!

Honest Matt / Abe / wcuh