<VV> hub caps, tires, and speakers (humor)

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Mon, 9 Aug 2004 11:54:31 EDT


I have a bunch of low value caps sitting around as well.  I get them in those 
"package deals."  Perhaps, we can come up with a contest for our Vair events. 
 We already have the valve cover races.  Maybe we can have a hubcap Frisbee 
contest where the loser has to take all the hubcaps used in the contest.  We 
can break the contest into two segments; Early and Late caps so that we can 
discuss which contest is better here on VV.

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> For some reason, I have a bunch of Corvair hub caps, I personally thing they 
> breed .  It all started at a Valley Corsa Meeting (now Silicon Valley CORSA) 
> They have or used to have great auctions every other month.  I had bought 63 
> with 3 good wheel covers and at the next meeting there were a bunch of good 
> and 63 and 62 wheel covers up for auction.  I looked them all over before the 
> start of the meeting and decided on which 63 was the best.  When they went 
> up for bin no one bid for the first two wheel covers and then the one I wanted 
> went up for bid.  I bid $0.50, and no one bid against me.  No one bid on the 
> other covers, so they decided I got all 7 for my $0.50.  That was the start 
> of my collection.  I did select the best centers and caps from the ten wheel 
> covers I had strip and repaint them and ended up with a great set of wheel 
> covers.
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