<VV> VVer from Hoopeston IL area on dtnspeed.net?

J R Read_HML hmlinc@sbcglobal.net
Mon, 9 Aug 2004 13:35:21 -0500

Don't have to live there to know that Hoopeston is the sweet corn capital of
the world.

Helps to have a cousin who owns a car dealership there, though.

It LOOKED as if the virus MAY have come from Del.Patten.  Not really able to
tell for sure - because of spoofing.

Attachments are scanned with anti-virus software.

Later, JR
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Subject: <VV> VVer from Hoopeston IL area on dtnspeed.net?

> You have a virus... got three messages in a row having 4 different VVer's
> addresses on the top... but the message is actually originating from the
> same PC and it's not any of them (Hank, Harry Y., Mike I., or Smitty).
> Okay, who's  a "cornjerker" with a virus on here?  <<inside joke to those
> who live in Hoopeston or nearby>>
> http://www.ihsa.org/school/schools/hoopestn.htm
> Rob Landers
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> > new price
> >
> > [demime 0.98e removed an attachment of type application/octet-stream
> had a name of price_08.zip]
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