<VV> Re: Repro Tank Life? (Long)

Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet@charter.net
Mon, 9 Aug 2004 16:38:22 -0400

John is right on the money here. I have done numerous gas tanks and I ALWAYS
use a new tank which I coat inside and out with the POR tank sealing system
which is sold by Clarks. I only want to do a gas tank once and once only! I
want it to outlive me at least if not the vehicle. Spend a little more money
and time to do it right and never have to do it again.

Rick Norris

> Gas tanks usually leak due to corrosion from the inside.  A single drop
> of water sitting in the bottom of the tank will turn acidic due to a
> reaction with the gasoline and etch through the plating inside.  Leaving
> the car sitting for two years probably was enough to do it.
> There are lots of ways to fix the leak.  For a temporary repair, use one
> of the epoxy mixes on the market intended for this purpose.  For a
> permanent repair, a copper tack can be used to fill the hole, then solder
> over.  Empty the tank, eliminate fumes etc, yada, yada, legal statements,
> and so forth.  Once the solder is complete, it is still a very good idea
> to coat the inside of the tank
> John Ryall