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Mon, 9 Aug 2004 18:15:22 -0500

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> Depends what you call temporary! The tank on my 1956 Anglia had pinholed
> badly from the outside, >
> I machine-wire-brushed the rust, treated it with rust treatment, filled
> pinholes from the outside with bondo, > That was in 1981...
> Cheers
> Alan
While we are about it, there is a "stuff" on the market for some years now,
called * SHOE GOO * that is really ( I think ) a urethane glue ... this is
more temporary than a epoxy ( not bondo ecchhh ) fiberglas patch, which is
essentially a lifetime fix ...  the neat thing about shoe goo is that it
will stick to anything.

I have fixed 2 or 3 of those slick lawnmower fuel tanks that shake to death
and splatter gasoline over the rider .... I just sanded the split area a
little to rough it up, and put 3 thin layers of shoe goo out of the squeeze
tube on it ... the fix will last 2 or 3 years ( ie the life of my $900 rider
mowers (g))  I believe it would also fix for a long time a pinhole in a
metal fuel tank, but then an epoxy patch about four times bigger than  the
visible pinhole area would be better yet.

............ this stuff is kind of like "duck" tape, if you have some,
pretty soon you find uses for it ... do not get shoe goo on you, it takes
years to wear off .....

shoe goo is one of the few things that will stick reasonably well to milk
bottle material ( polyethylene );  SG is usually found around the shoe
section of a good shoe store, or maybe now the "everything " section of a
decent hardware.  There are several copycats, so be aware.
I once patched ( emergency, far from home ... not a corvair ... )  a large
pinhole in the top tank of my radiator with some "thick" hot stuff hobby
....cyanoacrylate ( sp? ).....and a small square of some kind of plastic ...
lasted for weeks and weeks of 200 degree pressurized coolant ...... the
patch never failed, I finally bot a new radiator ....

pick out what you like, throw the rest away type thoughts,
shoe goo, tie wraps, duct tape ... couldn't leave without 'em ....
ken campbell, iowuh