<VV> Egads!!!!

James Davis jld@wk.net
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 19:33:16 -0500

Now wait a minute.  The Rampside that won everything ran on a 20.3 dial-in 
and never broke out.  Walt Davison, #366, ran on a 19.7 dial-in and lost in 
the second round (to the Rampside) because he broke out with a 
19.57.  Considering the Rampside is a 4-sp 110 engine and Walts is a 95 
Jim Davis

  At 10:15 AM 8/10/2004, Sadek Charles H DLVA wrote:
>         These look like static display photos... <VBG>  How do we know the
>Ultras are even moving?!  ;>)  Where is the tire smoke and noise-I was
>looking forward to wheels spinning, huge amounts of tire smoke, flames from
>underneath the rear.... heh, heh....
>         Seriously-well, sort of seriously, if drag racing an Ultra can be
>considered serious, I think it is truly cool that you drive them darn things
>from the far parts of the country and drag race 'em.  We have people who
>won't drive their Corvair 300 mi to a convention...
>Way to go!
>Chuck S.