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Like the time I had an auto parts guy that I really didn't like. I ordered
some parts for the garage I worked for, over the phone. Wasted almost a
half hour on the phone with him as he was pretty lame and didn't know much
about cars. After I was done, I ordered one other part he could look up and
order for later in the week. A water pump for my 65 Corvair. 
I guess he wasted almost an hour trying to find one in the parts books,
before his boss found out about it and called my boss, really pissed. We
laughed so hard, thought we would die........................

Gary swiatowy

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Tony and Alan,
       That reminds me of the time many years ago when a persistent
tried to sell my wife an antifreeze special he was promoting.  She told him 
she didn't think it was for her car, but her kept persisting.  So she told
that she would buy some but only IF he showed her just where to put it in
car, parked right outside.  (Now she well knew very well that her Corvair
air cooled and didn't use any antifreeze or even water, for that matter,
she couldn't resist.(:-)  He followed her out of the store, took one look
at the 
Corvair, muttered some expletive under his breath and disappeared back into 
his store.
       My wife gleefully recounted the tale to me later that evening.
       Frank "long memory for some things" Burkhard   

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