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Wed, 11 Aug 2004 19:59:16 -0400

I have weight info, courtesy of Frank Parker, at


The complete driveline is 456 pounds.

On Wednesday, August 11, 2004, at 05:31 PM, BRUCE BLACKMON wrote:

> Maybe I was not clear the first time, this is a complete drive train, 
> all in
> one piece. Motor,(a 140), transaxle, and 4-speed tranny. It seems as 
> though it
> will fit, Thanks to all who replyed, only problem will be getting it 
> in the
> van, weight wise. What does a complete drivetrain weigh? I have some 
> ideas as
> to how to do it. I just thought in might make a nice project to work 
> on in the
> winter, and rebuild so I can learn on it, and have a spare 140/4 speed 
> in case
> I need it some time. Both 65s are 140s. So, what does a drivetrain 
> weigh?
> Thanks all, thats why I love this place. BRUCE
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