<VV> brake in period question

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Wed, 11 Aug 2004 19:10:04 -0500

Has not yet been run?  Or, only briefly....

My way:

Others will likely vary.

Forget non-detergent oil!  In fact, DO NOT use it - even if you can actually
find it somewhere.

Use good grade 10-30 or 20-30 REAL oil.

Run for an hour at medium - medium high idle - say 800 - 900 rpm.  Vary the
rpms every few minutes.

Change oil and filter - note the shinny particles in the drain pan.

Run 2 more hours and change oil and filter again.  Note - less shinys this
time.  Should be.

Drive 100 - 200 miles.  Change and note again.  Should be virtually no
shinys at this point.

Note - when driving, vary the speed range.  Do not stay at a single constant
speed for long time periods.

Drive 500 miles and do again.

Drive 1000 miles and do again.

Drive 3000 miles and do again.

If there is NO (or very little) oil consumption, can switch to synthetic.

Also, can probably begin to be a little more aggressive about the long
skinny pedal.

May wish to wait for another 3,000 and then switch to synthetic - your call.

I don't have (and have not had) a Turbo.  But, can't see how that would
change anything above.

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Later, JR
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> Hi everyone,
> I got another 180 head rebuilt.  The engine is completely rebuilt.  It has
> new everything - pistons, moly rings, rods, cam, crank ,valves, lifters,
> etc.  The question now is what is the proper way to brake in the engine?
> The plan is to use non detergent 30w oil, changing the oil every 500
> The suggestions that I have received is for the first 2000 to 2500 miles -
> drive the car both city and highway, but try not to engage the turbo.  Is
> this a proper course of action?
> This is our first engine rebuild [and hopefully our last for now :-) ] and
> any suggestions would be appreciated!
> Sam & Marissa Andolino
> mandolin@rochester.rr.com
> 1963 Red Monza Convertible
> 1966 Blue Corsa Turbo Coupe
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